Toggle between hours and days in MS Project

I need to change scheduling information in MS Project quite often, particularly the way duration and work is displayed. In discussion with team members we use “days”, talking to financial people requires “hours”. The following macro toggles between both worlds. No need to click thru menus anymore.

Oddly, you cannot read the current status in MS Project, so we use a little detour and use the Manager property instead. No one needs him that, anyway. A very first use of the macro may thus not work as expected, all subsequent uses just work fine.

Option Explicit
Sub swaToggleHoursDays()
    Dim dummy As Integer
    If ActiveProject.BuiltinDocumentProperties("Manager") = "" Then
        ActiveProject.BuiltinDocumentProperties("Manager") = CStr(pjHour)
    End If
    dummy = CInt(ActiveProject.BuiltinDocumentProperties("Manager"))
    If dummy <> pjHour Then
        OptionsSchedule DurationUnits:=pjHour, WorkUnits:=pjHour
        ActiveProject.BuiltinDocumentProperties("Manager") = CStr(pjHour)
        OptionsSchedule DurationUnits:=pjDay, WorkUnits:=pjDay
        ActiveProject.BuiltinDocumentProperties("Manager") = CStr(pjDay)
    End If
End Sub

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