Set the same text styles in all views for MS Project

Running the following macro from your gantt-like views will standardize the view to use identical text styles.

' works only for gantt like charts
Sub swaMSPSetTextStyles()
    If ActiveProject.Views.Item(ActiveProject.CurrentView).Type = 0 Then
        TextStyles Item:=pjAll, Size:="8", Bold:=False, Italic:=False, Color:=pjBlack
        TextStyles Item:=pjNoncritical, Size:="8", Bold:=False, Italic:=False, Color:=pjBlack
        TextStyles Item:=pjGanttExternalTask, Size:="8", Bold:=False, Italic:=False, Color:=pjGray
        TextStyles Item:=pjMarked, Size:="8", Bold:=False, Italic:=True, Color:=pjNavy
        TextStyles Item:=pjTaskRowColumnTitles, Size:="8", Bold:=True, Italic:=False, Color:=pjBlack
        TextStyles Item:=pjGanttMajorTimescale, Size:="8", Bold:=True, Italic:=False, Color:=pjBlack
    End If
End Sub

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