Quality check project plan on the fly with custom fields

I want to ensure that all tasks in my project plan have certain custom fields sets (like team lead, contract id, deliverable, etc.). To spot the tasks that lack this information, I’ll highlight them in my Gantt view.

First step, add a custom field, say, number18 and a formula that checks certain fields and returns

  • -1 for milestones and summaries,
  • 0 for all quality checks ok, and
  • a number greater zero if the quality check fails.
IIf([Milestone]=True;-1;IIf([Summary]=True;-1;IIf([Text7]="";1;IIf([Text15]="";2;IIf([Text27]="";3;IIf([Text28]="";4;IIf([Text16]="";5;IIf(InStr([Resource Phonetics];[Text16])=0;6;IIf([Type]<>2;7;
IIf([Baseline Finish]=projdatevalue("NA");8;0))))))))))

Second step, add a flag, say flag20 to be true if the quality check fails (number19 is greater 0) or false otherwise.


Third step, format the gant chart based on flag20.

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